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SpecDrum is an education based solution to the separation impacting our society. If people are traversing our educational system and coming out on the other side racist, sexist, xenophobic, classist, or homophobic, then they aren’t getting enough information about the world in which they live. Something needs to change. I believe an authentic and lasting difference can be made through long term world music and culture study. Honest and true life education. Goal oriented commitment.

I offer my community outreach and education initiative: SpecDrum.

We need to reach young people from all demographics, classes, and backgrounds, and provide them with culture rich opportunities that enhance their education and character development. We need to immerse them in an environment that is dependent on everyone equally – dependent upon one another. Benefits of SpecDrum include:

Life skills: Students who participate learn invaluable lessons in teamwork, leadership, and communication.
Acceptance: Students are immersed in a positive, driven atmosphere with other students whom they wouldn’t normally be connected to or see as a peer.
Self expression: Students learn to express their creativity comfortably at a young age, which is crucial to accepting the creative expression of others.
Team building: No one can succeed alone; students learn the importance of function as the part of a larger team to achieve goals together.

People who have studied world music and culture are some of the most accepting, talented, and understanding people I know.
For two decades, I’ve seen how all-inclusive drumming events can break the barriers of race and wealth, and bring people joy! My only regret is that these events are few and far between, and not a continuous part of young people’s lives on a regular basis.

SpecDrum is offering free, cultural education through drumming as an enrichment to the current pedagogical curriculum. A continual study of world culture through music, year round, not just a once a year presentation in the school gymnasium.

-SpecDrum is a free service to the community.

-Students from any school district in the St. Louis Metropolitan area will be eligible to apply. (Student applications will be available once funding is secured)

-Initially for grades 8-12. (future expansion to include younger students)

-SpecDrum is an ongoing venture, ideally becoming a part of the community’s cultural landscape.

-Transportation to and from rehearsals/performances to be provided as needed. Rehearsals weekly.

-Each student (20-30 initially) will receive an instrument to take home for practice between rehearsals.

-Instruments of the highest quality, hand made in Guinea, West Africa by drum makers who are compensated accordingly; not factory produced instruments.

-Performances will be given at all represented school districts as well as public presentations.

Fortunately, SpecDrum has a home! The Kranzberg Arts Foundation is supporting this endeavor by offering a space for practice and performance in the new .ZACK Performing Arts Incubator and the Kranzberg Arts Center, both of which are in the Grand Center District of St. Louis. That leaves the purchasing of instruments as the second major requirement.

The majority of the funds from this campaign will go towards the purchasing of fifty to sixty instruments (an average cost of $500 each). Also covered in this campaign are protective cases for the instruments, transportation costs, costuming, marketing, guest clinicians from around the world, and operational costs for 1-2 years minimum.

I am happy to offer you something in return for your donation. Below is a basic guideline for contribution. Don’t feel that you have to stick to this. This is simply a starting point to give you an idea of what is possible.

$1-50 Thank you!!!!

$50-100 Private lesson with me w/ Skype Option

$100-300 Group lesson, Drumming Workshop

$300-500 Guest artist/clinician/speaker, Drum circle

$500 and up Corporate team building, Series of above events, a SpecDrum Performance just for you!!

Please share this campaign far and wide with lovers of music, community organizers, corporate executives, creative thinkers, youth leaders, educators, music store owners, neighborhood associations, community centers, festival organizers, parents, philanthropists, ANYONE and EVERYONE! We can make it happen!

For more information, questions, and brainstorming, contact me at:

Matthew Henry, Founder and Director